2015 Hurricane Season

June 1 marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season and all members of the UTMB Community are encouraged to make preparations ahead of time, exchange contact information with their immediate supervisor, and understand their role and the expectations for their role during any event.

Materials from the 2015 hurricane prep and emergency planning meeting are now online.



2013 Hurricane Season

This is a test posting.  Early August begins the most active portion of the hurricane season and all IS staff are encouraged to make preparations ahead of time, exchange contact information with their immediate supervisor, and understand their role and the expectations for their role during any event.


2013 Hurricane Prep Made Simple: A Meeting for the UTMB Community

UTMB Emergency Prep Meeting

June 1 brings the start of hurricane season, and preparation is the key to successfully weathering any storm. At a meeting on May 15, experts presented an overview of UTMB’s hurricane response plan. They shared how decisions are made when a storm enters the Gulf, the outlook for the 2013 season, responsibilities as an individual student or employee, and how the university will communicate  before, during and after a storm. Presentations included:

  • An overview of our incident command structure, by Dr. Joan Richardson, Institutional Emergency Preparedness Officer
  • A look ahead at the 2013 storm season
  • Your role and responsibilities in an emergency
  • Maintaining security in an emergency
  • How UTMB will communicate with you in an emergency

Couldn’t make the meeting in person? See a recap below:

  • A video and presentations from the session have been posted to the Emergency Operations web site. [view materials]

Information Services Prepares for Hurricane Season

This is a test posting for Information Services.  The 2013 Hurricane season starts June 1st.  Please review your departmental business continuity plans, understand your role should an event occur, and make your personal preparations well in advance.  tleach-10:46 a.m.